We provide One-Stop-Solution for Industrial Accidents. Since 2008, Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic has been providing medical services for both administrative staff and construction workers who have industrial accidents such as fracture, burn, dislocation, pain management problems, laceration, eye injuries, etc. We aim to save costs and time for every injury we seen in the clinic.
Our clinic operates 24/7. Office hours: Mon to Fri 9am-11pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am-6pm. However, do call us at +65 64712638 (clinic) or +65 98712244 (24 hours) to make an appointment before coming down!
Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic provide one stop solution for industrial accident. Company able to save money and time with our in-house x-ray device, procedure room, mobility therapy.