We are the One Stop Service for Industrial Accidents.
We aim to:
1. Save Cost for the company
2. Provide easy access to the database (including the Medical Report, MC/LD, Injury Photo, Tax Invoices)
3. With us, you can go directly to the Specialist and we can treat the patients almost immediately. It will save time and remove long waiting times.

(A) Treatments can be done in the clinic
(B) Reduction in cost
1. Avoid hospital admission
2. Bypass many layers of medical assessment
(C) Efficiency- Prompt medical assessment

Conditions we specialise in:

  1. Industrial Injuries – mostly hand and foot injuries
  2. Lower Back Pain
  3. Open Wounds – Removal of foreign bodies
  4. Fractures – Cast, K-wire or fixation with plates and screws
  5. Minor Burns
  6. Laceration – wound debridement and stitching
  7. Infection – IV antibiotic

If you need more information, you may contact Milda at milda@bone.com.sg or services@bone.com.sg
Or call our 24 Hours customer service hotline at +65 6471 2638/ 2690

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